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Endo Hosting - Dedicated Server

Benefits of Dedicated server

Launching and maintaining a Website can be a great way to boost business, as well as improve your business website’s SEO rankings. Still, it’s important that your business website have its own dedicated hosting, just like your website does.While it may be tempting to use free hosting services for your website, you’ll be better served by having your own dedicated hosting. Fortunately, Endo Hosting offers a variety of dedicated server options to suit your needs. And of course, if you already have hosting through us for your website, you can add upgrade your bandwidth/storage needs to accommodate your website as needed.

Still not convinced that your business website needs its own hosting? Consider a few of the many ways in which dedicated hosting can benefit your business website.

Added Peace of Mind With Security

You might not think a business website would be prone to cyber attacks, you then you might be surprised. All it takes, for example, is a targeted DDoS attack to bring your hosting server down indefinitely, which can certainly impact your SEO efforts. By having your website on a dedicated server with its own additional layers of security, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reduced risk of falling victim to phishing, DDoS, and other attacks. In fact, at Endo Hosting, we even include free DDOS attack protection with all of our dedicated hosting packages.

A Better Experience for Your Users

When you use a free website host, you don’t really have much in the way of uptime guarantees. Your free hosting server could go down at any time, and there’s unfortunately not much that you can do about it aside from wait for the servers to come back up and maybe open a help desk ticket. When you have your own dedicated server, such as one through Endo Hosting, you’ll have a 100% SLA for their data center’s power and cooling. This means you have much greater reliability, which results in a better overall browsing experience for your website visitors. In turn, this means they may be more likely to return to your business site than they may have been if they experienced downtime or even slow page loads.

Customization Options to Suit Your Needs

Finally, when you have your business site on its own dedicated server, you can enjoy the customization options that come along with it. Rather than being tethered to your free host’s inclusions and at the mercy of their choices, you can decide exactly how much bandwidth you need, which other users can access your site, and control just about any other aspect of your hosting for a more enjoyable experience.

With these benefits in mind, hopefully you’ll be inspired to begin shopping for your dedicated server. For help in choosing the right option for your business, don’t hesitate to contact at Endo Hosting.

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